Timber Furniture

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Enhance that space you have long been thinking about with an exquisitely crafted furniture piece that captures the beauty of timber. Our joy is to bring together the unique natural elements of timber and your personal vision to create something truly exceptional.

We source the highest quality timber and hardware to ensure your piece is valued for many years to come. We provide the alternative to the regularly mass produced shop furnishings. Commissioning a custom timber furniture piece with Precision Cabinetmaking is to celebrate an understanding of how custom made furniture is handcrafted by the local maker, and becomes a piece that will not only enhance a space, but create sentiment for its owner and generations.

As our client, we would work closely with you to plan the right piece of furniture, not only by style and design, functionality and cost, but also by its eco-sensibilities, it origin and the feeling it gives you. We take the utmost care in the detailing of your piece, dedicate precise attention through the crafting process and detailed emphasis on the finishing result.

Each individual commissioned custom piece, and the timber furniture you can find in our amazing online shop, is handcrafted to ensure the finest quality furniture is achieved. Contact us to discuss your custom timber furniture piece or email sales@precisioncabinetmaking.com.au.



We believe that when it comes to timber there is perfection in imperfection! No two pieces of timber are the same. The wood grain, patterns, knots, colour hues, growth rings and other character elements of timber all differentiate from piece to piece – making this natural product so unique and individual.